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Calendar Module - I only want one Dateformat.

  • Hi guys,

    I only want dates in the calendar module displayed as DD.MM. as the weekday names take up a lot of space.

    So I disabled all the relative time formats:

                                         colored: false,
                                            maximumNumberOfDays: 180,
                                            wrapEvents: true,
                                            dateFormat: "DD.MM.",
                                            timeFormat: "absolute",
                                            getRelative: 0,
                                            urgency: 0,

    Yet, I get this picture:


    Looking at the source, it seems you can’t disable this.

    If I just remove this block from calendar.js, it works for me:

                 if (event.startDate - now < 2 * oneDay) {
                                                    // This event is within the next 48 hours (2 days)
                                                    if (event.startDate - now < this.config.getRelative * oneHour) {
                                                            // If event is within 6 hour, display 'in xxx' time format or moment.fromNow()
                                                            timeWrapper.innerHTML = this.capFirst(moment(event.startDate, "x").fromNow());
                                                    } else {
                                                            // Otherwise just say 'Today/Tomorrow at such-n-such time'
                                                            timeWrapper.innerHTML = this.capFirst(moment(event.startDate, "x").calendar());

    However, this is not update proof 😞 Any other ideas?

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