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  • is there anyway to display commute times to multiple destinations within the same day" like having 3 mon_destinations each with its own arrival time?

    for that matter, is it possible to have different arrival times for all different destinations?

  • I think that MMM-MyCommute may have what you are looking for. It breaks out destinations into an array and each destination in the array has its own arguments (such as hidedays).

    I have a simpler use case, but right now I’m using it to display 2 different routes to the same destination. I have 2 destinations that have the same address but one of the has a waypoint set that causes google to alter the route heavily.

  • It should be possible to do this with MMM-Traffic as well. It supports multiple instances in config.js. It also supports multiple routes to the same destination now too (

    Sam Lewis, the author is wicked fast. I opened that issue and he had it closed in under an hour. Major props.

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