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MMM-MyCommute not factoring in delays/traffic?

  • I have MMM-MyCommute setup with 2 destinations. The estimated times shown have been 45 min and 47 min respectively. These times have not changed in the last 16 hours. I know they should be longer, and this morning during rush hour, the google maps UI gave me estimated times of 53min and 55min due to delays.

    Does anyone know if there is a config option to factor in traffic/delays that I might be missing? I assumed it was implicit. Or were there any recent API changes?

  • MMM-Traffic seems to be correct, it gave me an estimate of 56min just now which very closely matches the google maps UI

  • Sorry for the spam. I had “api_key” in my config.js instead of “apikey”. Not sure why I was still able to get non-traffic factored times, but its working now.

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