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MirrorMirrorOntheWall Alexa Skill trouble

  • Hey everyone I am having issues getting this module up and running, on step 11 of the instructions it says

    “copy all your credential files, then go to your local copy of this repo, and paste them inside the certs folder (which is inside the src folder)”

    I do not see this location, can someone explain this to me, maybe where else I can look for the src/certs folders???

  • I’ve recently been battling with this module, but this bit should be OK. Just make sure you’ve cloned the module within the ‘modules’ folder and then inside the MirrorMirrorOnTheWallSkill folder you should find the additional folders you need. I don’t know if this helps, but these folders definitely existed when I tried this a few days ago. I should add, I don’t think it ever actually tells you to clone the module, but it’s taken as obvious I think that this should be done. Hope this helps.

    NB Sorry, I should add that this procedure is very complicated these days, because the instructions no longer correspond to the way the Alexa skill system works online. I would think hard before continuing on this path, and contemplate switching over to MMM-Voice. Trust me, this has been my bane for the last week.

  • @joe84maiden Hello! Can you help me a while. I’m very close now! Amazon Developer Console Skill work perfect, Rpi already connect to AWS IoT, but can’t receive any command.
    After very long process work with MirrorMirrorOnTheWall module, I finally got the skill work perfect. When I say “open on the wall”, the Alexa respond to me, and I ask to close all modules, It also respond “Yes my king, closing all Modules”.
    0_1551445767138_Screenshot (11).png
    And also, when I “pm2 logs mm” I see “Connected to AWS IoT, Subscribed :MagicMirror: new-text, new-images, change-module, new-video,…”. But for some reason, the command doesn’t make any change in the magicmirror, It look like something stop the exchange data between AWS IoT and Rpi. I read a lot of post but can not find out how to fix that. Does any one have the solution?
    Thank you so much.

  • I gave this module/ability my best exertion and fizzled. Post back in the event that you make it go.

  • Check here for more recent developments this is the last page but the prior 10 pages have a lot of information

    people have done …i am still not there yet myself but i will

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