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Can't get bus data to show

  • A couple of weeks ago, I posted and lavolp3 helped me, so I took his advice and decided to try search for other bus driven apps for the MM that I could use.

    Of course, there was one called MMM-UKLiveBusStopInfo which I installed, configured it and when I ran the MM, nothing happened. I never seen the bus details for my stop. I still see everything else though.

    I can’t understand what I have done wrong becuase I followed the steps, but I am lost.

    Below is a copy of the config.js file with my personal details removed (excluding atcocode). I infact have 2 atcocodes to enter, as I can get to work from 2 bus stops however I have no idea how to even get 1 to show let alone 2.

    If anyone can spot the error, please let me know where it is. I have tried placing the script in different parts of the config file, with no difference. Thank you

    PS if anyone can help with making the temperature both metric and imperial, that would be wonderful.

    TO add, when I run the MM, I get this error “No helper found for module: MMM-UKLiveBusStopInfo”

    deleted as did contain another pieces of private info

  • I am currently using this module, and so I can confirm it works. Things I have altered compared to your config.js (in the UK bus sections) are as follows: I have deleted the two ‘show…’ terms. They default to your responses and so aren’t needed, and the limit I think should be in quotation marks or whatever you currently use in your config file to define values. Then I think this should work. I tested your atcocode on the website and it returns sensible information, so I think if you use those tweaks all should go well.
    Hope that helps!

  • Thank you for that help! I have got it working now thankfully, however I am still not sure how to get 2 bus stops to show now.

    Pi’s are quite fun to play with, I shall have a little play about with it. Thanks again 🙂

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