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Consolidate logging to browser console

  • I wanted to share a simple approach to unify logging across module components that I found incredibly useful during development. This will put all* logging in a browser console and remove the need to monitor pm2/pi console logs.

    In your main module code (MMM-ABC.js), where you define your sockets simply add:

    if (notification === 'HELPER_MESSAGE') {
         if (this.config.debug === 1) {; }
    //Receive a message, log the payload to the browser console. 

    In your node_helper.js module, construct and send messages:

    if (self.config.debug === 1) {
             apiMessage = moment().format('YYYY-MM-DD>>HH:mm:ss.SSSZZ') + ' [node_helper] << your log message content here >>';
             self.sendSocketNotification('HELPER_MESSAGE', apiMessage);

    Hope this helps on your development journey!

    *any code errors / exceptions will still throw to the raspberry pi console / pm2

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