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Need Help with MMM-CalendarExt

  • Hi All,

    First Off a big thanks to authors of Magic Mirror, all those who have developed modules, and those who have assisted everyone (including noobs like me).

    I’m trying to get MMM-CalendarExt to work in either weekly or monthly mode, I believe I have all the mechanics down as it looks like I am getting things in the right spots etc. But am having an issue with getting the calendar to render properly. I’m trying to use either the Month view or the weeks view. Both with the same result, of overlaying most or all of the screen. I have even tried with just the weeks view and only 1 week, with most of the screen covered by the calendar. I was able to get the 28 day example found somewhere in the forums to work (at least it behaves like I think it should) and I think the month or week should.
    The two pictures below are of the 28 day version, and the 4 week version (which is messed up). I’ve tried to modify custom.css and to no avail. Can someone point me in the direction of where I am going askew?

    PS. I am looking at the weeks or month method as this is for a senior with memory issues, and using the 28 days takes away from the consistency of a normal calendar.

    Working? 28 days:0_1524624560516_28day.jpg

    Messed up weekly:
    0_1524624582266_weeks.jpg …Thanks

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