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Alexa (MMOTW) working!

  • I didn’t know where to post this, but I figured I should put this here.
    As of 5 minutes ago, I now have a working version of Alexa on the mirror, with Google and Youtube API’s working, with full module control.
    This is using the new Alexa skill set up, which does not match the instructions. It has only taken 2 weeks of puzzlement.
    If there is enough interest I will write out instructions, but it’ll take a bit, so please voice (pun intended) interest if you wish this working. I should add that the one thing to note is that the css is terrible for this, and there are definitely some wrinkles to iron out, but it works!!!
    I should stress this in advance, if you want module control only this is NOT as good (voice recognition not as good) as MMM-Voice, nor as convenient (takes much longer to effect modules with default setup).

  • Sound interesting, but where’s your code and repo?
    How can we test it?

  • “This was using the already existing repo Mirror Mirror On The Wall, with the associated skill, which was why I hadn’t posted the skill itself. This had very kindly been developed by joanaz in the past, but the instructions have not been updated in a while so it’s somewhat more challenging than I had anticipated to get through.”

    Sorry, wrote this without seeing who it was that posted. Basically, I don’t think this requires new code per se, but would just need new instructions (ReadMe), and for me at least, a lot of css-ing.

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