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MMM-Wunderground iconset doesn't work

  • Hi there,
    My mirror is up to date. MMM-Wunderground works well except iconset. My config is below.

    But icons are still flaticons.

    alt text

    Any idea?

        	module: 'MMM-WunderGround',
        	position: 'top_right',
        	config: {
            apikey: 'XXXXXXXXXX',
            pws: 'Istanbul', 
            hourly: '0',
            fctext: '1',
            fcdaycount: "3",
            fcdaystart: "0",
            hourlyinterval: "3",
            hourlycount: "2",
            alerttime: 10000,
            alerttruncatestring: "english:",
    				roundTmpDecs: 1,
    				UseCardinals: 0,
    				layout: "horizontal",
    				sysstat: 0,
    				iconset: "VCloudsWeatherIcons"

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