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MMM-NetworkScanner revisited

  • After a long time in the wilderness, I have found a little time to review the state of this module. Given other commitments, I’m not able to make any promises that everything will be fixed, but I’d like to see what can be done and at least restore broken functionality.

    To kick off, I have pushed a series of updates to the repository as an initial attempt to introduce some fixes. Please feel free to pull these changes and test in your mirror. Due to the state of the current codebase (did I really write this?), it’s possible further issues may be introduced, do please bear with me.

    So, here’s a request. If you use the module, but have issues, can you create (or add to an existing) issue on GitHub. Please provide as much info as possible, including a description of the problem, what you were expecting to happen, the config for the module and any errors from the log and/or browser console.

    If you’re interesting in helping (re)develop this module - this would be much appreciated - send me a direct message.

  • This works very nicely now!
    Updated the MAC address data files and now everything is recognized.
    I also added a script to make it easier to format the config file with the MACs…

  • @ianperrin great job, thx. But I would like to ask for 2 things:

    1. in my case does’t work “lastseen”, my config is
          		module: 'MMM-NetworkScanner',
            	position: 'bottom_right', 
            	config: {
                		devices: [
    	                    	//{ macAddress: "00:11:32:43:cd:da", name: "Mobile", icon: "apple"},
    				{ ipAddress: "xxx.yyy.zzz.001", name: "D", icon: "server"},
    				{ ipAddress: "xxx.yyy.zzz.002", name: "K", icon: "child"},
    				{ ipAddress: "xxx.yyy.zzz.003", name: "Z", icon: "apple"},
    				{ ipAddress: "xxx.yyy.zzz.004", name: "G", icon: "apple"},
    				{ ipAddress: "xxx.yyy.zzz.005", name: "M", icon: "apple"},
    				{ ipAddress: "xxx.yyy.zzz.006", name: "A", icon: "bug"},
    				{ ipAddress: "xxx.yyy.zzz.007", name: "M", icon: "apple"},
                		showUnknown: false,
    			//debug: false,
                		showOffline: true,
                		keepAlive: 300,
                		updateInterval: 30,
                		//residents: [],
    			showLastSeen: true,
     	                //occupiedCMD: {notification: 'REMOTE_ACTION', payload: {action: 'MONITORON'}},
                		//vacantCMD  : {notification: 'REMOTE_ACTION', payload: {action: 'MONITOROFF'}},

    and on my MM is just an icon + name. (In custom.css I just change the color of online/offline devices, but shouldn’t be the problem)

    1. residents - for what kind of actions could be used? For me will be nice to know, if server falls down I’ll get an e-mail. In general, for what usage is this part of conf? What is the practical way for what/how to use it?


  • @zdenek
    Can you post your findings in the github issues pelase?
    I just posted about the same…

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