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Odroid C1+ warnings at the end of the installation

  • I’m currently receveing the following warnings on my odroid C1+

    npm WARN lifecycle magicmirror@2.3.1~install: cannot run in wd %s %s (wd=%s) magicmirror@2.3.1 cd vendor && yon install /root/MagicMirror
    npm WARN lifecycle magicmirror@2.3.1~postinstall: cannot run in wd %s %s (wd=%s) magicmirror@2.3.1 sh installers/postinstall/ && yon run install-fonts /root/MagicMirror
    npm WARN grunt-stylelint@0.10.0 requires a peer of stylelint@^9.0.0 but none is installed. You must install peer dependencies yourself.

    Right now i’m using a Debian Jessie headless version with nodejs 8 and npm 5.6. Should i migrate to a desktop version? I guess so…


  • Should i yon install /root/MagicMirror in vendor folder?
    Should i run and yon run install-fonts /root/MagicMirror manually? Should i install stylelint manuall?

  • It may be related with the fact that i’m root.
    I’ll try the following npm install --unsafe-perm to see if it works

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