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Dude about voice assisstant ( google ) and a rpi server and other rpi client config.

  • Neodereks hace unos 37 minutos


    I have a rpi3 whit dietpi and MM server mode working right, i can see the web whit pc and other explorers of my local network. In my MM i will use a RPi Zero W, i’m waiting it from china.

    Well my query is about voice control. If i use google assisst i need a microfone, thats logic, but… can i use this module on the client rpi and add in the config.txt the same lines what i use on the rpi server?

    I only use the module on rpi server but i can’t use a microphone on rpi client and this doin’t listen when i talk?

    I dont know the good way to configure this module on a server and other client mode rpi.

    Thanks for all!

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