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Is this a good mirror and tv pair for bright light conditions?

  • Greetings. I have a budget in mind of about $300 for the glass mirror and $220ish for the TV. I would like to use a 43" TCL 43S305 and this 24" x 36" MirroView 2 way mirror.

    Looks like the TV will be slightly wider than the glass by around an inch or two. Will that be a problem? And most importantly, the mirror will be in a brightly lit office facing a window that will always have it’s curtain closed. I see this seller sells MirroView and Mirropane glass. I’m wondering if The MirroView is the correct type given my environment. If the TV is going to be bright enough and if there are any build instructions for making a frame for this specific size and possibly even combination of glass and TV brands.

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