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MMM-PublicTransportBerlin - Public transport for Berlin and Brandenburg (departures)

  • @MZ-BER Hey! Thanks a lot! I’m happy you like it 🙂

    If I remember correctly, the bus lines in Berlin have no colors. Maybe @derhuerst can verify that?!
    If you can give me a source where to find the colors for each bus line, I can add this.

    What we could do though, is distinguishing normal buses, Metro-Bus and X-Bus.

  • I tried pulling and installing your add on on several configurations now and it always is failing to load anything.
    currently i tried it on a RP3 with the latest git of MagicMirror and the sample config you have on your github page. Is there a log I can look into?

  • @oneartur The example config only shows all the possible config values and is not meant for real world usage. There are some values in it that don‘t work.

    Please start with an minimal possible config (the only mandatory entry is the stationId) and add adjustments to your needs.

  • @Beh cant believe it was just that. I got misled by the good looking station ID (900000100003) and since I live near Alexanderplatz that would be a good choice anyway, gosh.

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