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  • Module Developer

    Set originalWidthPx and originalHeightPx to higher value.

    But dithering would be unescapable destiny. Because Max Screen Size of supported in RPI would be 1920*1080 and your pictures are larger than, so Dithering should be happened.

    Usually Dithering - Scaling up/down, by index of 2 (e.g: X2, X4, X1/2, X1/4) would be better than other values.
    So, dithering to 800X480 from 1600x960 could be better from 2000X1200.

    And I think the best values would be the same size to display.
    Because, if dithering would be happened, it would be done twice - once when your Google Photo send picture to RPI by OriginalWidth/Height and once again when my module showing it by showWidth/Height.
    So, The best case would be all the same sizes - your picture original, OriginalWidth/Height, showWidth/Height are same. In other case, somewhat quality down is unavoidable. My module has no correction/manipulation method because this is not photoshop. sorry.

  • @sean Thanks for the details - agreed! I am going to experiment with various config values and picture types. Awesome work with the module - works out of the box as expected!

  • I have been messing around with this module for a couple of days now and am really impressed with the way it works and the aspect ratio switching. I have a question though about the way the module displays pictures with borders. Would there be a way to either: display the image at the top of the frame and leave all of the black space below the image, or display two landscape images on top of each other instead of bordering the images?

    Thanks for any help with this.

  • Module Developer

    Sorry for my poor English, I have a trouble to catch your points. If you can show me the example (simple image??) It will be a help.

  • I actually figured out one of my questions yesterday. I use this in the top right corner with a portrait aspect ratio. when a landscape photo would come up it would put the black bars on the top and bottom (I use the hybrid mode). I wanted to put the photo at the top of the container and put all the black space below the image. I was able to edit the css file to get it to work for me.

  • Hee guys.

    Any ideas why my magic mirror states that my config is corrupt after adding this module?

    Raspberry 2 | Stretch | magic Mirror latest version
    module: “MMM-GooglePhotos”,
    position: “middle_center",
    config: {
    albumId: ["AN6D9_GC-eRw0Irq8BcuhBxYfwuHZPFlJpTKYbqRnR9xyHjFq3TjVVxzky9KqLEOxObDA4OFnB__”,"AN6D9_F2ZLhUpV8VrpCrp3MrQUh-D55YYop_hGeiMGtLMpMc_xNPI1IlGo5T7slIJRVfuyaS0jih”,“AN6D9_GByr6yyN-z5-VPgi_pxkG5KgBlWJZHwGzo3vHq_zwrxfYbudBygs0ePyzJmKRA-SQHl9Te”,“AN6D9_E6es9RyinVq9QoKxPU74pk-31H30p5sJW10o3YnzgDN33t6t-ZJRtb8PU2yPy4gKTpfBAM,AN6D9_GIGBaR1eBmI7ZUbneL8uq1dEfnVkcUlXKW0MnE-IZUSP7Kkg0mES07ah7rZtLxF6UHRSX3,AN6D9_Hr6iGqqA53-rOyZIESc-t9yFb4I_GF7ezQj1R-CSB2IVdzLRC_NpLgM3lMofKSM-TJjDkf”,“AN6D9_GIMMbpzErGJt5Z-bUB6HMDv5gKj44rZijAh_ynexuNxgJsyJ87jIBD4dp7aijzSaT8Dg7Z”,"AN6D9_EOTPePHltV88tdnuUi3nZOuNc3Luwg91K0wW4ikUrkDaLqGTYGyKbS1hmtA6bRSIp3d0bb”,“AN6D9_FiggE1yD2va8H3m7hLd_R2Ru_VfOYTxTZi6GNhlwbnw2hCVU9emnExm-9OqMps1RGH6xUU”], // your album id(s) from result of auth_and_test.js
    refreshInterval: 100060,
    scanInterval: 1000
    60*10, // too many scans might cause API quota limit also.
    //note(2018-07-29). It is some weird. API documents said temporal image url would live for 1 hour, but it might be broken shorter. So, per 10 min scanning could prevent dead url.

    sort: "time", //'time', 'reverse', 'random'
    showWidth: "800px", // how large the photo will be shown as. (e.g;'100%' for fullscreen)
    showHeight: "600px",
    originalWidthPx: 800, // original size of loaded image. (related with image quality)
    originalHeightPx: 600, // Bigger size gives you better quality, but can give you network burden.
    mode: "hybrid", // "cover" or "contain" (
    //ADDED. "hybrid" : if you set as "hybrid" it will change "cover" and "contain" automatically by aspect ratio.


    Appreciate your help! Thanks

  • @taxandria
    I see that there is a comma missing at line 10 in between the || needs to be a comma.

    sort: "time", //'time', 'reverse', 'random'|,|

    I’m also not sure about the difference between ” and " (notice the slight angle) being a problem or not.

    p.s. It’s pretty hard to read the code when only half of it is properly styled.

  • @Sean
    Is there a way to use this as fullscreen and have all the other modules still readable by putting a dark mask behind them?

  • Module Developer

    @teitlebot set view position to “fullscreen_below” and modify css to add background to other modules.

  • @yupwho any luck with the dithering issue? I seem to be getting them on specific pictures although im not sure why just those.