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Netflix Module?

  • I was trying to see if maybe there could be a Netflix module where I could watch Netflix through the MagicMirror. Maybe cast the screen?

    I couldn’t figure out if Netflix’s API is still open for public use. There’s a lot of mixed answers online.


  • Unfortunately, the Netflix APi is on lockdown. I know this from my work with Emby Server. Netflix requests get made all the time over there and the answer is usually the same, “can’t do it…”.

    That being said, I’m sure there would be ways of hacking together something, but I think it would be breaking a lot of terms and conditions.

    I was looking on github at a couple of “chrome cast” like casting npms for raspberry pi, just the other day.

    There are a couple of good ones. The thing is, some of them need a specific application added to your phone/device to cast to raspberry pi. There was one in particular that caught my eye, and it looks promissing.

    It is this one:

    Thing is, it says it’ll cast Youtube (which is awesome), or maybe even your device screen (which could be useful…), but not Netflix specifically.

    You could somehow put chrome into an application window on your pi.

    You can do this to chrome by opening Chrome with these parameters:


    This is pretty hacky… and It’s not completely window-less.

    One other thing to keep in mind when attempting this.
    The MM application itself might not handle any HD streaming, so this would mean that you would have to…probabaly… have the OMXPlayer installed, and placed on top of your MM interface in order to get a stable stream. There are probably better developers on the forum here than I, who understand the ‘ins and outs’ of making that happen in a Debian style environment…

    Probably didn’t help much here.

  • @chef I see… I figured that was the case. I’ll see what I can work up. Thank you for the response though!

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