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Interaction Newsfeed

  • Hello,

    I am looking for a way, help to add interaction with newsfeed from Voice control.

    In News Feed module page we can see notification mechanism.

    I am loose, I don’t no witch module I need to use and how. MMM-Gaction, MMM-Hotword or MMM-NotificationTrigger?
    MMM-NotificationTrigger seem give some example, but my little experience block me.

    Maybe someone can help me?
    MMM-AssistantMk2 and MMM-Hotword work fine.

    I Love MagicMirror project!

  • Module Developer

    AssistantMk2 can provide 3 kinds of method; Transcription Hooking, IFTTT, GAction.

    For beginners; I recommend to use IFTTT, but simply, I show you how to use TranscriptionHooking
    (TranscriptionHooking is not so good way, because, Assistant couldn’t really understand what you were saying.)

    modify AssistantMk2 section in your config.js

    transcriptionHook: { 
      "NEXTNEWS" : "next news"

    This means, Module will catch “next news” from your voice when you activate Assistant.

    add this inside triggers: [] of NotificationTrigger section

      trigger: "ASSISTANT_HOOK",
      triggerPayloadFilter: (payload) => {
        if (payload.hook == "NEXTNEWS") {
          return true
        } else {
          return false
      fires: [

    I didn’t test this on a real device,(I’m not in front of my device currently) But You can catch the idea.

  • @sean Thanks for reply and explain, that will help me a lot

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