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MM Crashing

  • Ever since running an update on my Pi 3 Model B and MagicMirror, it has started crashing randomly after running fine for a while. Generally it’ll run okay for a day or so, however often I’ll find that it’s crashed out with a JS Stacktrace error. I’ve attached a screenshot of the error I was receiving. Since the error is mentioning an allocation failure and possibly space constraints, I have checked the SD card and found more than enough space (10+ GB) free. If anyone has any ideas, I’m more than open to hear them.0_1535023552820_Messages Image(2264526874).png

  • Any update? Mine MM is also crashing on a PI3 every few hours.

    Screen goes to black (not turn of Screen) and now more inputs are possible.

  • This is not out of disk space ( memory card). This is runtime memory out of space.

    Typically when u see this kind of error, some code has allocated space for data, but didn’t free it ( over and over)
    when it was no longer needed.

    GC is garbage collection, which reclaims memory space no longer referenced.