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Echo dot and magicmirror

  • Bonjour, hello, guten tag

    Je vous présente ma demande :

    J’ai actuellement un echo dot et un miroir. Etant très novice dans le domaine mais curieux des capacités du magicmirror j’essaye de fusionner mon echo dot et mon mirroir, pour uniquement afficher les résultats de l’application alexa amazon sur mon miroir (comme c’est le cas en ayant mis l’application sur mon pc windows 10). J’ai bien tenté le module iframereload mais je savais que les pages web ne sont pas incluses. L’idée serait alors de minimiser l’affichage du magic mirror et de mettre à côté la page web de l’application alexa. C’est une idée basique mais je ne sais pas comment réduire le miroir qui prend toute la taille de mon écran quand je lance le pm2 mm. Merci pour vos idées…et désolé de n’avoir pas pu écrire en anglais…
    Bonne soirée à tous…

  • Sorry for english,

    I would like to reduct the fullscreen of magicmirror and put near a web page from chromium (for see the result of alexa amazon application) in my tv…
    Thanks for help.

  • You could just use a big IFrame to show the website

  • @maxbachmann thanks for response…
    The iframe don t support web page. Only work with youtube…
    I try to disable fullscreen of magicmirror when i launch the mm… i don t find parameters…with this i ll could open a another web windows ( and so my alexa amazon application)…
    How can i reduce or have specify size of magicmiror ?..have a good day

  • @chassain-0 true some sites don’t work (forgot the reason someone explained it to me a while back xD). But it’s definetly not just youtube working 😉

    I don’t know how to set the start size and hide the browser stuff. maybe someone else here knows 🙂

  • Maybe with electronOptions to configurate size and position…or in css with parameters html…i will try

  • It s ok. The solution was electronOptions…i have a windows for magicmirror and a another Windows for result of response echo dot…all in my screen of tv…bye

  • Hello everybody,
    Now i need your help. Actually the both Windows are on my screen (50% alexa and 50% MagicMirror) but it s not perfect to see moduls. So, i prefer to keep fullscreen and i would like to command the windows of alexa in the first plan (for example 20 s) with a script and come back to magicmirror automatically…
    The second and best idea will be to display alexa in the first plan when the alexa amazon application detects a new resultat on this app after calling the echo dot.
    This is différent of lot moduls here because moduls of alexa don t display results (only voice).
    I don t know if i m clear with my english (so fare).
    Thanks for your experience.

  • No one to launch a command on raspberry with echo dot alexa ? I find no script. Only with gpio.

  • I never did this with javascript stuff yet but it’s definetly possible in the node_helper 😉
    Appears there are already some libraries, but console input/output stuff I only did with C++ and python so far myself

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