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Title on items in default news feed module don't work for BBC - Bug or design?

  • It’s always bugged me that instead of the actual title of a news item being displayed by the default newsfeed module, every item is preceded by the text in the ‘title’ field of the feed’s config in the newsfeed module’s section of the config.js file.

    To try and explain that, the feeds section of my config.js file is:

    			config: {
    				feeds: [
    						title: "BBC UK",
    						url: ""
    						title: "BBC World",
    						url: "",
    				showSourceTitle: true,
    				showPublishDate: false,
    				showDescription: true

    And the ‘Title’ shown on the mirror for every news item that comes from “” is “BBC UK”, instead of the actual title of the item.

    I looked in the newsfeed.js file and there’s a line that says:

    if (this.config.showSourceTitle && this.newsItems[this.activeItem].sourceTitle !== '') sourceAndTimestamp.innerHTML = this.newsItems[this.activeItem].sourceTitle

    I then loaded the feed in Chrome & had a look at the xml source.
    In there the name of the title ‘field’ is “title”.
    I went to that line in the newsfeed.js file, changed .sourceTitle to title, rebooted the mirror and, yes!
    Each item in the feed has its proper title.

    So, my question is - Is this an issue specific to the BBC newsfeeds, or is it a more general ‘bug’ in the newsfeed module please?

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