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Commercial Display compatible with Magicmirror?

  • I found out these Commercial Displays (LG/Samsung) have “signage” software support. Since magicmirror can run off a server and the client is basically a web browser I’m wondering if these TV’s can just load the page from Magicmirror. Does anyone know?

    What I’m basically looking to make a fancy digital photo frame and calendar. I was looking at how to make this super simple and robust. I’m not looking for buttons on my screen or a mirror.

    The physical appeal of a Standard TV has uneven bezels and logos etc so I was thinking about using a Commerical Display (LG/Samsung) because the look nicer and may not require additional hardware. (chromecast, RPI, etc)

    Any thoughts on this? If you google “LG Supersign” or “Samsung Magicinfo” you’ll find more on it.