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Flick Large gesture control

  • I sorted it out. Didn’t have python-shell installed 🙂

  • So you did you get it to work? I have an updated version if you are interested.

  • @Radu_Stancu

    Did you considered using (and maybe tweaking a bit) the MMM-GroveGestures module and “only” replace the Grove Gesture Sensor (PAJ7620u2) by the Flick one?

    It’s maybe a bit “basic thinking” from me but the MMM-GroveGestures plugin is really working great and both sensor seems to be based on the same working method / supplier / …
    So maybe worth to consider it, don’t you think?

    (would eb great for me at least, as I’m using MMM-GroveGestures and I’m interested into switching to the flick one).


  • Hi,

    Sorry for my really late reply, I have been working on the module for a while, getting the mouse control to work.

    As for your request, I did not know of the MMM-GroveGestures module. I had a look at it and the basic commands are basically the same although the code is written a bit differently. The gestures sequence though is a nice feature and I will look into that and try to do it the following days, but I am not really sure what actions should I bind to those new gestures.

    Best regards,