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voice control with selfie functionality?

  • So like every other person on here, im a total noob, and in typical Bat_Fastard fashion i think i bit off more than i could chew.

    these are the components im currently using:

    sharp 40 inch monitor,
    HDMI cable
    New Raspberry pi3b+
    sandisk ultra 16g sdhc micro sd card
    new multi output ppower supply, (120 in outputs 12 and 5v,
    ultra white LEDs
    12v relay hat
    new pi cam v2 8MP
    circle LED board
    using the 3.5mm audio out run to a set of elcheapo speakers
    USB Blue Snowball microphone

    What i want;
    is the typical Magic Mirror installation, with the weather, the rss feeds and the calendar, i wanted to add the selfie function ( for my wife who sells clothing and takes a million selfies ) only what i want to happen is i have some LED channel that i will embed inside the frame of the face of the mirror. when i she says mirror take a selfie, i want it to turn on all of the LEDS as to illuminate her front (which i plan to do via the relay, only switching one of the GPIOs to control it) there will also be a ringed LED hidden behind the glass to illuminate where to look for the selfie.

    i just assumed that the modules would be pretty much plug and play and for the most part they are. how ever ive been struggling with this one and i cant for the life of me figure out what im doing wrong.

    i have MMM assistant running, i can talk to it, and it can talk to me, i also have snowboy running so that you can use the google assistant, everything is great.

    i have the MMM- selfie module installed, i have the code inside the config. js, how ever when ever i ask it to take a selfie, it just says “trying to get a selfie with message”

    im thinking about scrapping the assistant and selfie, as the assistant is depreciated and isnt being supported any more, and the guy who wrote the selfie module doesn’t want to respond to his messages or anything on his git.

    also i like the idea of using alexa because its free, and using the google assistant will end up costing money in the long run.

    could some one point me in the direction on how i can get this working?

  • @batfastard wondering, did you ever get it figured out? I love the idea you have with the LEDs and camera location indicator. I’d like to do that for my daughter’s.

  • Module Developer

    First, Google Assistant is free also. I don’t know why you are thinking so.
    Second, as your description, I think you are running my old MMM-Assistant. It was deprecated and I have no plan to maintain. Sorry.
    I looked inside MMM-Selfie mentioned. Very interesting. It has no other interface except my MMM-Assistant and MMM-TelegramBot. On one hand, thanks about it as creator of both module, but the other hand, that module was too dependent to other modules. Not expandable.

    The best simple solution I think is;

    • Modify MMM-Selfie to receive trigger from other modules beside MMM-Assistant and MMM-TelegramBot. Seems not so difficult. just add .notificationReceived() for some notifications from other module.
    • Then, Just use MMM-Hotword(you are already use it?) to emit that notification. You can make your private voice model, or use just universal model for everyone.

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