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Has anyone ever managed to get MM2 operational on a Android Box?

  • As mentioned ordered a Minx Neo but will take up to 30 days to arrive (thai postal is crap) stated 3days when orderng so peeved, anyway…

    Have a Mac Book Pro missing a screen after dropping off the roof… (was setting up a weather station), alt text

    That should work…

    Or just bought a Android box (preferably) in the local store and wondering how i can get MM2 operational on this (i believe it should be good enough for WebGL…

    Also we have a AIS Playbox that could be repurpsed as not used, or a Andoid Box (same box) lying around …

    There must be some way to reuse these for the task (oh i also have a RPi3 on the way, however that wont be powerful enough for Web GL)…

  • Scrap that the AB was terrible and the mac, would have created the same issues with not being R OS.

    I have managed after much frustration to secure 1 minx box. (just one is in the country).

    0_1478018870788_Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 23.46.03.png

    Arrives later this week. 🙂

    Ok it’s Windows based as recommended, so my question now is for the set up Largest Mirror … topic, was Windoes used or was Rasperian ?

    If so any particulars on installing and setting up that would be of benefit to know?

    Also i’ve ordered Leap Motion detectors, (also have hardware alternatives) has anyone ever managed to get these going with their MM?

    Some other items i’ve ordered over the course (admittedly RPi3 was ordered before understanding processing req for Google Visual).

    Any issues? or used before in your projects? 5_1478019204433_Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 23.51.54.png 4_1478019204432_Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 23.51.49.png 3_1478019204432_Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 23.51.44.png 2_1478019204431_Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 23.51.13.png 1_1478019204431_Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 23.51.07.png 0_1478019204430_Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 23.50.59.png

    3_1478019218670_Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 23.51.38.png 2_1478019218670_Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 23.51.33.png 1_1478019218669_Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 23.51.27.png 0_1478019218669_Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 23.51.18.png

    1_1478019231601_Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 23.52.08.png 0_1478019231601_Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 23.52.00.png

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