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MMM-Netatmo, no windreadings

  • Hi

    I have installed the module for netatmo wheaterstation, I get readings from indoor,outdoor and raingauge but not from my windgauge.
    Anyone have any solutin.


  • I have exactly the same problem, I get no readings from the wind gauge. Did someone successfully get wind data?

  • Same here…i checked everything twice, but still no solution.

    Raingauge works fine.

  • same problem with ‘classic’ design, so i have add folling line in the config.js as workaround:

    design: 'bubbles’

    	module: 'netatmo',
    	position: 'middle_center', // the location where the module should be displayed
    	config: {
    		clientId: '............', // your app id
    		clientSecret: '............', // your app secret
    		refreshToken: '............', // your generated refresh token
    		design: 'bubbles', //'classic' or 'bubbles'
    		moduleOrder: ["Aussen", "Regen", "Wind", "Schlafzimmer", "Wohnzimmer"]

    please have a look at the file netatmo.js in the section defaults: all variables are shown 🙂

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