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Calendar start time

  • Hi guys!
    The last weeks i played around with some settings and got it to my liking but for one thing, calendar showed event start times as: in 3 hours. Tried with “absolute” in settings, but no luck.
    Thought i did something wrong so I got a new sd-card and started from scratch, only to see that the calendar have the same bahaviour as before.
    I am having trouble getting calendar showing start-time of events, it is just showing "in 5 hours-21:30.
    I would like to have it show “20:00-21:30” (see picture)
    This is with fresh installed Raspian Stretch and fresh installed MM with the only thing altered in config.js is taht i changed calendar adress from us holidays to a webcal adress. Everything else is original.
    The pic of the config-file is the one from before clean install and the pic of the screen is now with all settings default.
    Any help would be appreciated.



  • Same problem for me.

    			module: "calendar",
    			header: "Kalender",
    			position: "top_left",
    			config: {
    				fetchInterval: 21600000,
    				colored: true,
    				coloredSymbolOnly: true,
    				joiningWord: "kl.",
    				getRelative: 8,
    				urgency: 7,
    				timeFormat: 'absolute',
    				//showEnd: false,
    				calendars: [
    						// Mårtens Kalender
    						color: "#6dc0ec",
    						url: "
    						// Alfred och Hjalmar bokningar
    						fullDayEventDateFormat: "DD/MM",
    						symbol: "child",
    						color: "#008000",
    						url: "
    						// Svenska helgdagar (aftnar ibland)
    						symbol: "bed",
    						color: "#772222",
    						maximumNumberOfDays: 14,
    						url: ""

    The “Sitta i Servicedesk” should be from 09:00-12:00 not from “Dec 12e” or “Today”

  • I’m having a similar issue. For any events more than 24 hours out, it is only displaying the number of days away + end time.

    I had to rebuild my MM after the Pi I was using crashed, so I believe I was running the previous version of MM before the rebuild. I seem to recall the calendar module displaying number of days in future + start time before. FWIW, I’m using google calendar.

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