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MMM-Facial-Recognition-OCV3 error at

  • @nischi

    Hello again;

    So Open CV 4 installed, as well as all the other stuff specified on your module page, in the same versions.

    I am trying to run the encode script:

    python3 -i ../dataset/ -e encodings.pickle -d hog

    but I keep getting the following error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "", line 6, in 
        import face_recognition
    ImportError: No module named 'face_recognition'

    face_recognition is installed:

    0_1562182513919_Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 3.32.31 PM.png

  • @SdeGeata hmmm thats really strange, in your terminal you can import it and it works and if you try to run my script it doesn’t.

    stupid question, but i need to ask, sorry. do you run my also in the “dlib_test” virtual environment?