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MMM-HASS or Alternatives?

  • Hi,

    I am looking for the working method of getting home assistant working with Magic Mirror.

    I’m trying to get together a mirror for my wife christmas. I currently have a fully-functional Home Assistant Back-end I’m running the latest version of home assistant as of today. However, I’ve tried all the different home assistant modules, and I’m not having any luck getting them to work. I’ve tried them either in the home assistant unofficial add on, or running the magic mirror container for docker.

    I am using the newer home assistant token authentication system, and it looks like most of them are not updated to use it.

    i have seen a couple references to a fix :
    but I have no idea where the script is that they reference, I think it might not be exposed to the docker container.

    I’m running everything on a proxmox, but I have a couple of pi’s around, if for some reason the networking in docker or something is getting in the way.

    the reason i’m interested in using the HA integration, is there duplication between magic mirror and home assistant, for me it make sense to have one central location to mange stuff like calender’s, etc and leverage it’s deep integration with well, everything.

  • So i’ve install magic mirror completly from the command line, and I see all the files referenced

    However, I’m not clear on exactly the fix. Do i need to make another .js to run the magic mirror? I’m not familar enough with node.js to do that. Can anybody direct me in the right way?

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