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Ambient Weather Station Module

  • I know that Wunderground said they were not going to stop API’s. However, new users with new weather stations will not be able to obtain free API from Wunderground.

    This had me wanting to build a module for Ambient Weather stations. I had started one, but I don’t have the experience coding to be able to bridge the needs to connect the station to the MM functionality.

    Resources I think that would help with the bridge are:

    Start of my code… (I was able to get a clean sequence using the linter, but it still isn’t configured right because of the connection issue.)

    module.register(“mmm-ambient-weather”, {
    defaults: {
    module: “mmm-ambient-weather”,
    position: ‘top_right’,
    location: “Columbus, OH”,
    apikey: ‘API KEY From’,
    appid: ‘APP KEY From’,
    units: config.units,
    roundTemp: true,
    degreeLabel: true,
    updateInterval: 600000,
    animation speed: 1000,
    timeFormat: 12,
    showPeriod: true,
    showWindDirectionAsArrow: true,
    showHumidity: true,
    showIndoorTemperature: true,
    showFeelsLike: true,
    apiBase: ‘’,

  • So. My apologies. I thought I read through the module information on how to develop. I guess I did not. I’m going to try to take another stab at this over the next few days after work!

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