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No sound when notification is arriving pushBulletNotification..

  • i am trying to set it up but unfortunately i cant output the sound.
    am i doing something wrong ? here is my config, i also already install the sound-play with npm install sound-play.
    also i want to know if this git is clean, cause with my access token someone can pull everything from me…

    		module: 'MMM-PushBulletNotifications',
    		header: 'Notifications',
    		position: 'bottom_right',	// This can be any of the regions.		
    		config: {
    			// See 'Configuration options' for more information.
    			accessToken: "myCode---", //PushBullet API Access Token
    			numberOfNotifications: 3,
    			filterTargetDeviceName: "",
    			showPushesSentToAllDevices: true,
    			onlyAllowCommandsFromSourceDevices: [],
    			fetchLimitPushBullet: 50,
    			showPushes: true,
    			showPushesOnLoad: true,
    			showDismissedPushes: true,
    			showMirroredNotifications: true, 
    			onlyShowLastNotificationFromApplication: false,
    			showIndividualNotifications: false,
    			showSMS: true,
    			showMessage: true,
    			showIcons: true,
    			showDateTime: true,
    			localesDateTime: 'nl-NL',
    			playSoundOnNotificationReceived: true,
    			soundFile: 'modules/MMM-PushBulletNotifications/sounds/new-message.mp3',			
    			maxMsgCharacters: 50,
    			maxHeaderCharacters: 32,
    			showModuleIfNoNotifications: true,
    			noNotificationsMessage: "No new notifications",
    			debugMode: false,

  • Hi sollekram,

    A little late reply, but maybe it still helps you out.

    You might want to take a look at this github issue: No sound while i got new notifications and maybe you will find a solution for your problem there.

    This module is only using the access token to communicate with the PushBullet API. This module and configuration is running on your Magic Mirror which is not publicly accessible.
    If your PushBullet access token is compromised someone can pull your notifications, if you think this is the case hit the button ‘Reset All Access Tokens’ on the PushBullet website ( after login and create a new access token.


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