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MMM-Pages not "activating"/makes no changes

  • Hey guys!

    I’ve been trying to combine MMM-pages and MMM-voice, but after installing MMM-pages nothing happens. The whole “page” function doesn’t seem to implement. So after installing it doesn’t create separate pages? I figured it would automatically set the default page to be the first page in the array?

    Here how I implemented it in config.js:

    modules: [
    		module: "alert",
        		module: 'MMM-pages',
        		config: {
          		  [[ "newsfeed"],
    	    		   [ "calendar", "compliments" ], [ "compliments" ]],
               		 excludes: ["MMM-page-indicator"],

    As I understand it, the default page should only show newsfeed and MMM-page-indicator now, but it still shows all modules?


    I have no clue what was wrong. But I did a fresh install of it all and that seemed to do the trick

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