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Google home devices status (home automation)

  • Hello everyone,
    this is my first post here.
    I have been playing with the smart mirror for a couple of days and I am amazed by the incredible work that Michael and the whole community has done on this!

    I have set up a few modules and I am definitely going to keep playing with this and, when I have some more free time, I will probably look for writing some simple module myself.

    I actually have a probably not very common configuration. I have installed the magicmirror software on top of a raspbian image coming with the AIY Voice kit. Basically I am running the magic mirror and the google assistant demo python script that comes with the AIY voice kit and this allows me to have both a smart mirror and a google home like device on the same place.

    Currently, the only real interaction between the google assistant on the AIY and the mirror happens when I add a calendar event and I see it appearing on my magic mirror ics calendar module a few seconds later.

    OK I probably gave you a way too long intro here…let’s get to the point! 🙂

    I have also installed a couple (and will get more out there) devices that I currently manage via google assistant (voice commands) or via the google home app. It’s just 2 simples switches (brand sonoff / eWelink) that I use to turn stuff on and off.

    What I wish for is a module that could show on the mirror the status of the devices I have at home. Something as simple as:

    • device name 1: ON
    • device name 2: OFF
    • device name 3: ON

    I believe there is a module that does something similar for Home Assistant:

    Ideally I would need just a list of the status of the devices that I can see on my google home app on my mobile.

    I have not found much about this but I hope that since you can ask your google assistant “Is the front door light on” and you get an answer on that status of that…possibly there is a way to get that status and build a module for it.

    Well I am looking forward for your comments and please consider that:

    • I am sorry if there is already a way to do this with the current 3rd party modules
    • I am sorry if I said things that are either impossible and/or do not make much sense…I am kinda new to all this hehe 🙂

    Thank you in advance if you got until here and for any possible feedback 🙂

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