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Config file not working when i add MMM-GooglePhotos

  • @sdetweil Thanks

    Went true it and fixed the issues [MY CODE ************* ]
    needed to be removed

    Working Config for MMM-Googlephotos

      module: "MMM-GooglePhotos",
      position: "top_right",
      config: {
        albumId: "MY CODE ******************************", // your album id from result of `auth_and_test.js`
        refreshInterval: 1000*60,
        scanInterval: 1000*60*10, // too many scans might cause API quota limit also.
        //note(2018-07-29). It is some weird. API documents said temporal image url would live for 1 hour, but it might be broken shorter. So, per 10 min scanning could prevent dead url.
        sort: "time", //'time', 'reverse', 'random'
        showWidth: "800px", // how large the photo will be shown as. (e.g;'100%' for fullscreen)
        showHeight: "600px",
        originalWidthPx: 800, // original size of loaded image. (related with image quality)
        originalHeightPx: 600, // Bigger size gives you better quality, but can give you network burden.
        mode: "cover", // "cover" or "contain" (