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Would like som input, comments and advice of correct modules

  • Hi all,

    My first post in the forum, but just after a couple of days I’ve been reading tons of documents, seen Youtube video’s and using Google a lot 🙂 (what else to do when the snow-storms are blowing outside my windows…?).

    My question is about what modules are suited and will work the best together based om what I’m hoping to achieve.

    First; this is what I got:

    • Several RPi 3B+'s
    • 1 Google AIY Voice Kit (v1)
    • Enough monitors to use 🙂
    • Google Home
    • Patience, and a lot of it

    What I want to achieve is:

    • MM should have multiple modules
    • Use Facial Recognition to use classes for personalized modules/information
    • Ability to talk to the mirror to show/hide modules and open streams in an iFrame
    • Use Google Assistant to do “general Google Assistant stuff”
    • Use Assistant/Voice module to open maps and other stuff from internet within an iFrame

    So - what modules to use?
    Been looking at:
    MMM-Hello Lucy
    MMM-AssistantMk2 or Google AIY Voice Kit

    Hope I will get some good feedback from any of you pro’s

    Thanks, and also thank you all for all the good stuff, hints, solutions and other reading I find in this forum!

    Regards from above the arctic circle,

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