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Ubuntu 16.04, Hotword and AssistantMk2 on a "PC" (amd64), anybody got it to work?

  • Hi all,

    As I will try to get more power to my MM, I would like to use an old laptop for my project.
    But, I need of course a different solution than for the RPi and I know particularly Hotword and AssistantMk2 uses libs that are not fully compatible for combinations amd64 and later builds of Linux.

    I’ve tested Debian Stretch, amd64 version and it will not work:
    Hotword: Snowboy will not run (compiles without errors) and gives pointer error at npm start
    AssistantMk2: compile with electron-rebuild fails due to grpc issues.

    Have anybody made these two modules run with Ubuntu 16.04 or other flavours?

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