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MMM-NOAA3 - Today’s Forecast

  • Hi,

    I think MMM-NOAA3 is the best looking weather module, but I have noticed it’s using the current weather. When getting ready early in the morning I already know it’s currently cold and dark so would like to know what the days weather I should prepare for, take a brolly or dress for heat. - still getting my phone out for this info.

    I’ve had a couple cracks at trying to change the code myself but am new to coding. I had the module pulling in the right data in the provider JS but couldn’t pass it through to be used properly in the main noaa3.js to display. I also kept losing track of all the current.current.current levels. I am using accuweather but am somewhat agnostic.

    Is this an option to have today’s weather rather than current weather displayed?

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