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Login inside an iFrame

  • Hello,

    This is related to MMM-iFrame, but the issue comes from the Electron app.

    Platform: Rapsberry Pi 3
    Node Version: 10.15.0
    MagicMirror Version: lastest
    Description: Chrome doesn’t support the auto login syntax (user:pass@host) in iFrames anymore. In my case, I can’t display a webcam feed inside an iFrame with MMM-iFrame with the user:pass@host syntax.
    Steps to Reproduce: install MMM-iFrame, try to add a webpage that needs basic auth.
    Expected Results: the webpage shows up.
    Actual Results: nothing shows up and a console log is issued: > [Deprecation] Subresource requests whose URLs contain embedded credentials are blocked[…]
    Additional Notes: if I open the Mirror with my web browser it prompts my creds and I can make my browser remember them. I also managed to open a new Electron tab, so I went directly to the webcam URL and the credentials were prompted ; but I can’t make Electron remember it.
    Is there a way to give Electron basic auth informations?

    I hope it is technically possible to solve the issue.

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