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Anybody know about PocketSphinx? Need help....

  • Hi,

    I need some help with PocketSphinx_Continuous, and I hope there are somebody out there with some experience with this.

    Please get in touch if so, then I can explain the little thing I’m missing …

  • @thestigh so, you want to slide the mic to someone else, and back… fun times…

    PSC-node needs a start and stop, separate from constructor, right now the constructor does an implict start

    the start does the spawn (save id)
    the stop does a kill (id)

    then MMM-Voice node helper needs commands to stop and restart/start.
    right now its all ‘start’

    the PSC on handlers have to be redone on start/restart, cause the background process stdout is closed and reopened on new spawn.

    then the MMM-Voice has to have added function to receive request to yield and issue request to obtain control.

    there may be some additional recovery work on resumption of listen to the mic after the prior process was killed…(abruptly)

  • i modified the pocketsphinx-continuous-node and MMM-voice repos to add the start/stop listening support , at least to get it working…

    I have not added any cross module communications yet to invoke it like you wanted…

    see the repos on github

    MMM-voice change (old code continues to work as it did unchanged)
    pocketsphinx-continuous-node change

  • i posted an update for the MMM-Voice repo that implements the mic sharing via voice command and cross module notifications…

    still need a fallback mechanism in case no other module claims the mic, right now I have a hard coded 10 second timer just to prove it works

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