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Youtube TV

  • Hi, I’m looking at different software options for my mirror, but what I really need is a way to “cast” youtube videos to my mirror. Have it working with an addon for Chrome on Windows 10, but it’s not as practical for a final build. Is there anyone willing to make a youtube module, or give me some pointers on how to make on myself?
    It doesn’t need to function like chromecast, where you can mirror screen etc, it only needs to display YouTube TV, and then I can just pair it manually 🙂

  • @Rahansen

    I use the “iFrame” module for it. And I modified the youtube link like their documentation said, so you can remove the youtube button, say “autoplay”, use a playlist, hide the pause&rewind buttons etc.

    I’ve included the ISS live webstream on my mirror - looks pretty nice with a dark background so you don’t notice the boarders and it looks like its embeded on the screen.

  • @tajno Thanks, how is the playback working? Any quality issues or stuttering? Will try it when I get off work 🙂

  • @tajno I’m pretty late to the party, but would you please share your source code and configuration that you use to do this? Thanks!

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