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Okay so I'm struggling with Alexa

  • Hi Guys
    Before I start I would just like to inform you that I am a novice in coding and started this project to learn coding and AI.
    Okay so my plan was to build a magic mirror with integrated alexa that could play me some music and add some appointments to my calendar via voice.

    So I started by downloading raspian and flashing it onto SD and there I could open my raspberry UI.
    Next I installed MagicMirror and it successfully worked after changing the config.js.sample to config.js by simple renaming the file and I could start MagicMirror by entering the following into terminal:

    cd MagicMirror
    npm start

    Next I Installed MMM-AlexaPi from this link : I can now talk to alexa and ask questions indepentantly from magicmirror.

    My final step (the one I’m struggling with) is to integrate AlexaPi with MM.
    So I went over to Github and folowed these instructions:

    Still not integration with MM!!!

    Could anyone please give me any advice on a level I would understand ?


  • @Marnus Why do you need MMM-alexa if you have AlexaPi up and running??

    You may want this (but it is not that necessary just a way to know if you are actually talking to the mirror and that you know it is working on that point in time) and even for that to work you have to have declared magicmirror as a device type at the beginning of the AlexaPi installation, however it can be changed.
    Note: When installing AlexaPi be sure to set the device to magicmirror and not raspberrypi (or other device)

    Good luck

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