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issue with installing MMM-awesome-alexa

  • @sdetweil that’s perfectly fine, thanks for you help! Do you have any suggestions for other good voice control ones to try that are either similar to this one or have better capabilities? I saw mirrormirroronthewall but that one sounds really hard to use and I’m not sure I need that much. Would be open to using Google Assistant. Is there any I can use to control music? I have an iPhone and use Apple music and have it on my Pi with Shairport-sync, so if there is one that can control music that would be absolute perfection!! If not, I’m open to other suggestions as this one doesn’t seem to want to work. Thanks!

  • @sonicgoose you might have fine luck with it, but mine fails over and over during the install and @sdetweil seems to be having the same issue. I would say give it a try and if it works, awesome. If it doesn’t, maybe take a look at some other voice control modules. If anyone finds a fix I will be sure to tag you if you also aren’t able to get it to work, if you try it that is. Good luck! Let me know if yours works!

  • @jmartin1009 I am using Mycroft. Great open source AI and I created a skill to control the Mirror that requires the MMM-Remote-control module. It can be installed on the same RPi but works much snappier on a separate RPi.

    You can see a video and instructions Here

    Not sure if you are interested in an open source assistant, but this one works well.

  • @jmartin1009 I have not made any real progress… not sure why yet

  • @sdetweil that’s alright, I decided to go with Google Assistant, thanks for your help! I do still need some help with getting that to work though, as I stated in my other post! Thanks!