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55" LED TV Cr4z33 Mirror

  • @bolish I used the normal one because the 50/50 looked too dark to me once applied over the screen. 😉

  • thx @Cr4z33
    I’m afraid about the fact that we could see the LCD panel behind the glass as my LCD screen will be smaller than my mirror.
    I’ve the feeling that it’s the case (we can see lcd panel borders) on your picture… but it seems not too big…
    How is your feeling, is it’s acceptable?

  • @bolish well unfortunately I noticed the issue only once I already applied the glue so it was too late.

    Therefore in my experience what has to be done is to apply some matte coating (ie. a black cotton fabric) on all the LCD frame.
    Apart from that if you will still notice it there’s nothing else that can be done. 😒

  • Thanks for feedback. Indeed, smart idea.
    For now, i will try to choose the best glass.
    Seems there are 3 options available at Pilkington which are Mirrorpane (Spy), Mirrorview and the 50/50 mirrorview.
    I’ve tried to contact them also to get advices and will search additional examples / experiences on the forum also.
    Your mirror looks great by the way!

  • @bolish forgot to say that you can contact your country Pilkington office and ask for free glass samples.

    I personally asked for the MirroView 50/50 and the normal version to find out which one is the best.

  • thanks @Cr4z33 , Done! I just wrote to Pilkington!

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