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Display & Pi steam/humidity exposure prevention brainstorm

  • Hi everyone,

    Fresh on the forum & excited to plan my MM project!

    The Pi is on its way and been thinking of having one in my bathroom - both me and my partner are in need of a central dashboard to start our day and get an overview. Which brings us to the 2-3 minutes of teethbrushing every morning and evening.

    So I want to hang the mirror (24" lcd) in the bathroom. The room has no window to vent out the steam as it’s placed in the middle of the flat. Only have a shared ventilation duct with a fan which works, i guess - yetif the shower is super hot or runs longer than 10mins it gets foggy in there.

    alt text
    (not quite as drastic, but blurry enough for the naked eye)

    What measures could I take for those moments when it’s super misty in the bathroom?

    Thought of making a sealed enclosure but that creates an issue for the rest of the time when there’s no steam = overheating.
    Goes for both the Pi & the display.

    Potential solutions I thought of:

    - microwaveable moisture removing bags (found some at roughly €10 at a car shop)
    - aluminium plate backend to work as a huge heatsink, no ventilation holes + enclosure temp sensor for overheating protection
    - for both cases: top & bottom ventilation holes closed through motorised sliding panels (Pi controlled) when enclosure humidity goes above a limit. Open hatch when temp is too high :nerd_face: overcomplicating 101

    What is your experience with having electronics in damp environments?

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