MMM-AVStock not displaying NASDAQ information

  • Hi there! I use MMM-AVStock, to display stock prices/market information on my Magic Mirror. I’m currently having trouble with the NASDAQ composite as it is not displaying any information at all. I believe I have the right symbol for the API as “^IXIC”. Anyone else using this module having trouble with the NASDAQ composite? I’m using the default config file from the github page, and I haven’t edited the .js file. Thanks!

                    module: "MMM-AVStock",
                    position: "bottom_right",
                    config: {
                        apiKey : "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", 
                        symbols : ["^NYA","^IXIC", "^GSPC"],
                        alias: ["NYSE", "NASDAQ", "S&P 500"],
                        tickerDuration: 60, 
                        chartDays: 90, 
                        poolInterval : 1000*15,
                        mode : "table", 
                        decimals: 4, 
                        candleSticks : false, 
                        coloredCandles : false, 
                        premiumAccount: false, 

  • @ernenr1 Hey you can get Nasdaq working by using the symbol ID: “NASDAQ:^IXIC”