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MMM-RMV help needed, end station doesn't work

  • Hello @all,

    i’ve recently installed MM2 and MMM-RMV addon and try to achive following:
    Display all Trains leaving Flörsheim (Main) Hautbahnhof into direction Wiesbaden and Frankfurt.

    Therefore i configured the rmv addon like this…

                apiKey: 'a-b-c-d-e',
                stationId: '3004911',  //Flörsheim a.Main 3004911
    	    fDest: 'false',
    	    fDestination1: 'Wiesbaden Hauptbahnhof',    // end stop Wiesbaden, column E of RMV data
    	    fDestination2: 'Rödermark Ober-Roden Bahnhof',  // end stop Rödermark Ober-Roden Bahnhof, column E of RMV data

    However, only direction Wiesbaden is beeing displayed.

    If i start with stationid ‘3004646’ (Rödermark Ober-Roden Bahnhof) and set fDestination1: ‘Wiesbaden Hauptbahnhof’ then i see the S1 trains…also i see the correct naming for start station

    If i turn it into opposite direction stationid ‘3006907’ (Wiesbaden Hauptbahnhof and set fDestination1: ‘Rödermark Ober-Roden Bahnhof’ then i see nothing at all

    Can someone please give me some help/advice?

    Thank You

  • I’ve tested some more and it seems to be an issue with the naming of the final destination.

    Maybe because of the German special characters or the station name length.

    Any suggestion/advice?

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