Hello eveyone.
I’m building my first mirror and while I’m not a programmer I was able to get my mirror looking how I wanted thanks to some great modules.

I’m trying now to create a rule that will decrease birghtness after a certain hour. I installed MMM-ModuleScheduler but can’t get it to work correctly.

I’ve tried 2 different approaches. First I tried using the dimmer option, like shown below:

{ module: 'MMM-ModuleScheduler', config: { // SHOW ALL MODULES AT 06:00 AND DIM THEM TO 40% AT 22:00 global_schedule: {from: '0 6 * * *', to: '0 22 * * *', dimLevel: '40' }, }

This did indeed dim the screen but no in the required times. I’ve tried, for example putting interval from 18:30 to 18:35, dim 10%. After this code the screen dimmed. I then waited for 18:30 and then 18:35 to see if screen would light up but it didn’t.

I’m now trying to create a setting to change brightness (and if that work I’ll create another one) by using the following:

{ module: 'MMM-ModuleScheduler', position: 'bottom_right', header: '', config: { notification_schedule: [ { notification: 'REMOTE_ACTION', schedule: '50 22 * * *', payload: { action: 'BRIGHTNESS', value: '100' } } ] } },

But that didn’t work as well. I’ve tried setting a specific time to decrease darkness and nothing happened. I then decreased darkness and created a setting to increase it but no success.

I’ve seen in some posts people mentioning to get logs but I could not get log specifically for this module. My MMM-Remote-Control is working flawlessly.

Any help is appreciated.