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Best glass transparency for MagicMirror

  • Hey guys, I am newbie at this forum. Nice to meet all of you here!
    I am very interested in making MagicMirror myself and have found this forum!

    At  the moment I am looking for a mirror for my project. 
    Mirror I am looking for needs to fill in the following need: 
    the mirror should do its own task - it should looks like a regular mirror in terms of reflection/clearness 
    (because this will the the only mirror in my bathroom). 
    The size should be 600 wight x 800 height mm.

    One-way mirror supplier is asking me for the following parameter: transparency rate.
    He can provide me with different options from 0% to 30%.
    I have spent another hour in the internet and have found that the regular one is 30%.

    Boys and girls, could you please write me:

    • what is the transparency rate in your mirrors (if you know it) and

    • pros and cons for high/low transparency rate (as i understood the higher the transparency rate -> more visible monitor on the backside and vise verse).

    As i said before - it is crucial for me - the cleanness of the reflection

  • Module Developer

    with higher transparency,

    • Better readability of your screen.
    • Worse reflection as Mirror even acceptable or not.

    Which mirror is the best depends on each environments of light condition of the room, brightness and contrast of your screen, distance from user in normal usage, etc. Not so easy to declare simply which is the best.

  • @Sean thank for yur quick response.
    I just want to clarify for myself which type is most common for mirrors based on the users here at this forum.

  • Maybe this link can help you with answering your question? It’s all about research i guess. 😉

  • It seems that in my country (I am from Ukraine) is not very easy to get the two-way glass mirror.

    One company made for me two-way mirror from regular 4mm thickness glass by titanium coating-in-vacuum technique. It has size 560x780mm. I have asked for transparency rate 30%.
    When I took it to home and compared to regular mirror - my “two way mirror” looks darker as compared to the regular mirror.
    For me, it is not comfortable to use such dark reflection in the bathroom.
    I am attaching the pic to this post - you can see the reflection of window in both mirrors - regular and two-way mirror.

    I have looked through the examples of already completed mirrors and some of the are also looks darker, some are pretty light.

    Could you please write down there - whether your mirror is darker then the regular one?

    I want to clarify this stuff for me because I have nothing to compare with.
    alt text

  • It is all about research. However, I haven’t found an extensive comparison so far. Apart from the link mentioned by @ganget, this link helped me dig deeper in the glass topic.

    I’m trying to find a glass for my MagicMirror as well. I ordered the sample set from brigla and two 3mm samples with 12% and 20% light transmission from glaströsch.

    To be frank I don’t find any of the samples satisfying so far. Compared to my bathroom mirror they all seem pretty dark. See for yourself. My favorite so far is the Mirastar 4mm.
    In real life it even looks a bit darker than on the pics…

    Mirropane Chrome Spy 4mm
    Light transmission 8%
    Light reflexion ?

    Pilkington MirroView 6mm
    Light transmission ?
    Light reflexion ?

    Mirastar 4mm
    Light transmission 3%
    Light reflexion >58%

    glaströsch Spionspiegel 3mm 20%
    Light transmission 12%
    Light reflexion 35%

    glaströsch Spionspiegel 3mm 12%
    Light transmission 12%
    Light reflexion 46%


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