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My hallway Magic Mirror! (Greece)

  • Hello fellow Magic Mirror builders, so after lots of trials and errors, I have finally finished my magic mirror!!! 😄
    I´m using a 19" LG wide monitor, an RPI 3b+ and a google voice hat v1.

    The cost of the whole build (including frame, glass and electronics) was a little less than 200€.

    The following modules were used:

    • Clock
    • currentweather
    • weatherforecast
    • calendar_monthly
    • MMM-MyCalendar
    • MMM-Xiaomi
    • MMM-Tools
    • MMM-NetworkScanner
    • MMM-GoogleBirthdaysProvider


    P.S A BIG thank you 👍 to all the modules developers for their contribution in this project!!
    Greeting from 🇬🇷

  • Πολυ ομορφο,μπραβο!Did you use film or glass ?What do u use for voice commands?

  • @costascontis ευχαριστώ! (αν θες κάτι στα ελληνικά, μίλα σε pm αλλιώς γράφω σε αγγλικά για τους κανόνες του φόρουμ)

    I used a tinted glass called “SOL” that has a bronze tint and i think its ~80% reflective (and its very cheap).

    For voice commands i used the google AIY Voice kit, you can run it even without the magic mirror app on any pi, and its “almost” ready for use.
    The only downside is that I don’t have a screen output connected to my assistant, so it’s not like some modules here in the forum, but on the other hand, i did not want the google assistant to interfere with the magic mirror app.

    What do you mean by “What do u use for voice commands?”
    The input method is a mic, that came with the google voice kit, and all kinds of commands are accepted. (For example i have a sonoff relay controlling the power to the magic mirror monitor and i use the assistant to turn it on and off).

  • nice,i need more info (price,where to buy) for the glass so pm me whatever u ve got.I use a PS3 camera that haw an aray of 4 mics for google assistant project called GassistPi.Do u use anything simillar or plain voice sdk?Plus i use camera with Motion so i can turn off monitor whenever none is around…

  • @gh057
    Hello! Nice job!
    Can you please tell my from where do you purchased the “SOL” glass that you used?
    I also live in Greece!
    Thanks so much!

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