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after reboot, not start with pm2 but ok with npm start

  • Hello,

    (sorry my english is bad)

    everyday my MM start alone with boot of Rasp.

    everyday, i have freeze and i reboot rasp.

    This day, i reboot Rasp but MagicMirror don’t start on my display.

    i launch ‘PM2 restart MagicMirror’ and nothing
    I launch ‘PM2 stop MagicMirror’ and 'PM2 start MagicMirror and nothing…

    So, i’m going to /MagicMirror/ and i launch a ‘npm start’, MagicMirror start and i can view on my display !

    CTRL+C for stop the npm start

    and go to : ‘PM2 start Magic Mirror’ and nothing

    But no error message 😞

    alt text

    alt text

    can you help me please ?

  • @Smotx said in after reboot, not start with pm2 but ok with npm start:

    npm start

    same here. I can’t find any google help

  • @MrDondoT

    Re: [after reboot](not start with pm2 but ok with npm start)

    I have make a new clean install, and after 1 reboot : Same situation… i have juste install raspbian and empty of modules MM session…

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