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True Challenge Weather Modules Developers

  • Hi, I passed hours trying, but it was not possible. Maybe one of you can.
    I am asking for a current weather module that show a picture in ‘fullscreen_below’ position. In that way, the wallpaper would show pics according with responses from the weather server for the current weather.
    First of all I asked in WallberryTheme issues, but it seemed not to be the right place (module issues).
    I thought in WallberryTheme as it has wallpaper, time and weather modules. For me is the best one candidate to integrate.
    But indeed, there are many other candidates for the integration.
    For example default Current Weather, but also many others as you can see in 3rd-party-modules.
    The wallpapers modules could be any of MMM-BackgroundSlideshow (local pics),, MMM-Google Photos, MMM-Random Photo, and maybe MMM-DropboxWallpaper,.
    WallberryTheme takes picture from
    It needs apikey, but could be without. For example, you can take a look to this collection I created, WI-cloudy,. This will show a random photo from collection. Calling unsplash without an api permits developer to create collections with pictures according familiar names (with apikey it would need several ones, one by each WI currentweather, sun, clouds, rain, snow, fog, etc.).
    MMM-Google Photos would need several apikeys, or photos named, for example, we-cloudy-01, WI-cloudy-02, etc. if we want to work with only one apikey.
    MMM-Random Photo shows a random photo from a url. It could be from in the way I pointed previously.
    MMM-DropboxWallpaper perhaps, but it would need to save the pics with WI-cloudy-01, WI-cloudy-02, etc., names.
    Well, this is all I investigate to reach the subject objective, but I don’t know how to encode.
    Of course a true challenge could start all from scratch.
    I hope that any of you want to take over on this.
    Thank you.

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